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About us

We are experts in E-commerce who will help you export your products in the most well-known marketplaces( E-bay ; Cdiscount ; Amazon ; Rue de commerce ; Google shopping; Price minister.)


In effect, you can sell in the marketplaces if you search a new canal of distribution for example. When you launch on marketplaces, you will have more success if you have a competitive advantage in terms of product range, price.The marketplaces represent therefore as we saw before, a complete sales channel. The website charges a commission fee to the transaction amount to remunerate. However, the websites that offer a marketplace are based on a system deals at fixed prices.



Merchant program allows e-commerce websites to attract new customers and provide new spaces for more sales opportunities.


Rue de commerce

Rue du Commerce, the Internet giant recognized as one of the leading torchbearers of good business and high-tech products, offers you a wide range of products that it is good to grab!


Price minister

Price minister is a reference in the fixed price purchase and sale. Very complete and with a high traffic of visitors that will make you quickly sell your items. In addition, the sale is free.



To buy cheaper and save money, enjoy discounts on Cdiscount.com, the sale reference on the internet at a low price.



To sell in Amazon is a service that allows sellers to offer their products for sale on Amazon.fr and on the other European shopping websites of Amazon.


A marketplace allows a merchant to have high visibility because your products are accessible and in full view of millions of visitors. We advise you to follow some recommendations in order to properly sell on Market Place.

number 1

The Branding

Are you interested in selling your products internationally?

You must create your brand starting with your catalog.
Treat well your e-commerce site, photos of your products and the descriptions. If you do not have a website yet...

Your website Ecommerce FREE from 30 €

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Stock manag-

number 3

Delivery & SAV

You have just received an order?

Find your fastest and economical delivery partner. Do not wait ! Respect the delivery times indicated on your shop. You will gain the confidence of your customers. Be reactive and follow the package until its reception from the client..

The post office or TNT Express ?

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